Summum Trilogy 100% Iberico Ham Bellota 3X40g

Summum Trilogy 100% Iberico Ham Bellota 3X40g

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1 Ham, 3 Different Cuts

The Summum gift set explores the different cuts of the 48 months Iberico Ham in one box. With our expertise, you will learn how to appreciate the different parts of our succulent hams, remember each specific flavour and become an expert!

100% Iberico Ham - 48 months

100% Iberico Hams are remarkable for their high oleic fat content (above 50%) and delicate meat. Our selected pure breed Iberico pigs are acorn fed and raised free range in the oak tree forests (“Dehesa”) of Spain.

Cured for a minimum of 48 months in the drying cellars of Jabugo (Spain), our 100% Iberico Hams are rich in nutty aromas and long-lasting oil scents.

A superb quality meat that pairs well with wine and cheese.

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