Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Black Truffle 100ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Black Truffle 100ml

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This award-winning extra virgin olive oil is infused with rich flavour of black truffle, resulting in a unique culinary product that is highly sought after by the best chefs in the world. The variety of olive to be used for this oil, Empeltre, comes from a hundred year old olive tree. Get your extra virgin olive oil with truffle and enjoy all its naturalness and authenticity!

It earned the world-renowned Gold Medal Concours AVPA Paris.

• Absence of GMOs
• Free of pesticide residues
• Gluten free


Product Details

Perfect natural product for accompanying any pasta dish, salads, potatoes, meat, vegetables and fish. You can also just enjoy it on a slice of bread, to savor all the aromas and the special flavor of truffles.

Store in cool dry place

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