Jumbo Gordal Green Olives

  • Jumbo Gordal Green Olives

Jumbo Gordal Green Olives

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Gordal Olives- Jumbo Green Olives Gordal

Gordal olives from Spain are firm, plump olives that are often classed starting at Jumbo owing to their large size. 

They are meaty with a mild flavour. They are good when pitted for cocktails such as Martinis because their mild flavour won't interfere with the drink, and they are large enough that you don't feel you have to stick two or three on the pick. 

Country of Origin: Spain 
Expiration Date: 2 years 
Weight: 230g
Ingredients: Olive with Gordal bone, water, salt, extra virgin olive oil, flavour enhancer: E-621, E-631, E-627; acidity regulator: E-260, E-330; and antioxidant: E-300. 

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