Iberian Lomo Bellota

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Iberian Lomo Bellota

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- Freshly sliced in our workshop -
Our pure Ibérico Bellota (chestnut & acorn-fed) Loin is a classic among the most entrenched flavours of Spanish culture. 

Its extraordinary taste, with a smooth and well-defined texture, is the result of a family-kept recipe that goes back more than sixty years. The marbled fat simply melts in your mouth, giving rise to a range of rich flavours and aromas that bring to mind the dehesa meadowlands where the acorns come from.

Country of Origin: Spain 
Expiration Date: 1 month 
Weight: 50g
Ingredients: Iberian pork (loin), salt, paprika, spices, dextrose, lactose,  stabiliser (dextrin), thickener(dextrin), soy protein, milk protein, antioxidants (E301, E300), preservative (E250, E252) 

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