Iberico Pork French Rack Cebo

Iberico Pork French Rack Cebo

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75% Iberico Iberian pork French racks are very tender, wonderfully marbled with buttery nutty taste. succulent and fabulous to eat. The intramuscular fat and the fat rim side leave an intense taste in the meat, which has intense marbling to gives both marvelous flavor and melt in the mouth tenderness.

This pork is raised free range on traditional Spanish pastures.


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The Iberico French Rack is a real eye-catcher for whole cooking on the grill or in the pan. Great for Party! Just defrost overnight, bring it to room temperature. Slightly brush in olive oil and season pepper and salt.  Pop in a hot oven 180-200ºC for 30 minutes maximum and let rest before serving.

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