Mix Iberico Platter

Mix Iberico Platter

  • HK$148
  • Ex Tax: HK$148
  • Brand Tapas Box
  • Origin Spain
  • Shelf life 60 days
  • Weight 120g


Iberico Paleta 40g:The shoulder cut is an exquisite product obtained from the front legs of 100% Ibérico pigs.

Iberico Lomo 40g:Ibérico loin cuts are from the back and side of the pig from a free range pork, delivering an intense flavour.

Iberico Lomito 40g:Lomito is the ‘tenderloin’, the softest and most succulent part of the Ibérico pig. This prime cut is located between the shoulder blades, where the pig is most lean and muscular.


Product Details

Iberian products embodies a legendary flavour of the highest quality, engaging all five senses. In contact with the palate, each Ibérico shoulder ham unveils an overwhelming intensity of flavours and scents.

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