48 Months Double Acorn Fed Iberico Ham Bellota

48 Months Double Acorn Fed Iberico Ham Bellota

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Signature Iberico Ham
While most Iberian pigs eat acorns for one season, we have selected a limited number of pigs that eat acorns for two seasons, becoming a unique Double Acorn Fed Iberico Ham.

While the first "Montanera' (period of acorn feeding) has no direct impact on the taste of the ham, it prepares the young piglets to absorb oleic fat and develop their appetite for acorns.

The consequent second feeding results in an oleic fat content far superior than other Iberico pigs, due to a higher capacity to absorb oleic fat in their metabolism. This high oleic fat content (>55%) paired with rich meat marbling provides an exceptionally nutty flavour and a signature long-lasting, aromatic explosion.


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