D.O. Barrancos Presunto Ham Bellota

D.O. Barrancos Presunto Ham Bellota

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The Finest Iberico Ham Vintages

A Bold And Gamey Vintage Expression Of The Untouched Portuguese Breed "Alentejana"

Portugal is a renowned producer of Iberian hams, commonly called "Presunto" in Portuguese. In the remote, southern, Alentejo region of Portugal, the small town of Barrancos produces an exquisite "Presunto" in the iconic bodega of "La Casa del Porco Preto". In Barrancos, the Denomination of Origin protects an ecosystem identical to its Spanish neighbour, mainly composed of hilly "Dehesa" (oak tree forests) which are the natural habitat of Iberian pigs. Barrancos is also home to a native and unique strain of Iberian pigs, the "Aletenjana" breed.

In Spain, breeds of Iberian pigs have been genetically selected for years and widely crossbred with white European pigs.

However, the "Alentejana" breed has remained untouched over the years. The Iberian hams produced in Barrancos are very distinctive from their Spanish counterparts. with flavours that are bold and gamey, evoking tasting notes of wild boar, mushrooms and woodland

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