D.O. Pedroches 100% Iberico Ham Bellota

D.O. Pedroches 100% Iberico Ham Bellota

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Plate our Iberico ham and let it breathe for 10 minutes at room temperature. When the fat starts to melt and the meat begins to shine, it's ready! Iberico ham is best eaten unadulterated to appreciate all its subtle nuances and long-lasting flavours.

The Finest Iberico Ham Vintages

A floral and nutty vintage coming from the fruitful valley of Los Pedroches

Approved in 2006, "Los Pedroches" is the newest and the most overlooked Iberian ham Denomination of Origin (D.O.) in Spain. Located in the northern part of Andalusia, 50 km north from Cordoba, the Dehesa (oak tree forest) of Los Pedroches is flat, sparse and remote.

However, in our opinion, the oak trees in Los Pedroches grow the best "Bellota" (acorn) in Spain. the fundamental ingredient in the Iberian pig's diet. "Bellotas" in Los Pedroches are not only the largest we have seen, they also fall in abundance from November to February, during the "Montanera" (acorn feeding season).

These exceptional harvests of "Bellota" are the result of a specific oak tree species (Quercux liex Ballota), which cannot be used for the production of cork, meaning the nutrients in these Los Pedroches oak trees grow top quality acorns.

Consequently, the Iberian hams produced here have unparalleled tasting notes which are complex, floral and nutty. One of our very best vintages!

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